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Do you play house concerts?

I love house concerts.

Music sounds best when it’s close to you. At a house concert, I get to prance around as if I was using thousands of dollars worth of expensive cord-less equipment with personalized in-ear monitors, a whisper-quiet pickup system and a sensitive sound person listening for my every nuance-free!

Some house concerts are long-running very organized events that maintain a mailing list and pay better than a public gig. Others are sponsored by people who live off the beaten path but love acoustic music, so they bring the show to them. Basically all you need to get is about 20 friends and neighbors, a pleasant space and the right musicians and you can be like Madame Verdurin and enjoy the prestige of a musical salon in your own home.

You’d be surprised who will come play at your house if they have the night free and are passing through. Just ask for more details.

Where do you live? Do you play all over the world?

Where do you live?

Since 1997 I’ve lived in Seattle-that’s the Upper Left of the United States. Culturally  I’m West Coast all the way.

Do you play all over the world?

I love to travel and I like to travel with a purpose-I want to bring something worthwhile to where I’m going, so I travel to play music. So far I’ve played shows in Mexico, Cuba, France, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and all over the grand continent of Australia. Here’s a few gigs:

  • Chicago Blues Festival
  • Merlefest North Carolina
Pt. Fairy Folk Festival-Australia
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage
In Guitar Switzerland
Vancouver Folk Festival Canada
  • Port Townsend Blues Festival Wa
San Francisco Blues Festival
Kerrville Folk Festival-Texas
Musikfest Bethlehem Pensylvania
Sanremo Blues San Remo Italy
  • Roots Festival San Diego Ca
  • Strawberry Music Fest Yosemite Ca
Woodford Festival-Australia
  • Concert Halls
:Great American Music Hall S.F. Ca
The Freight & Salvage Berkeley Ca
Theatre 1900 Turnhout, Belgium
  • The Three Weeds-Sydney Australia
  • The Catalyst Santa Cruz Ca
The Tractor Seattle Wa
The Palms Davis Ca
The Belly Up Solana Beach Ca
  • The Fret House Covina Ca


  • Port Townsend Country Blues Workshop
  • Puget Sound Guitar Workshop
Augusta Heritage Blues Week
California Coast Music Camp
Fur Peace Ranch

Blues & Folk Societies

  • The Perth Blues Society-Australia
  • The Havana Blues Society-Cuba
Encuentro de Dos Tradiciones-Mexico
Vancouver Heritage Soc. BC Canada
Seattle Folklore Society Wa
  • Women’s Cultural Exch. Spokane Wa
Menominee Friends of Folk
Allegro Concerts Marquette Mi

What kind of guitar/uke is that?

The instruments I use most are made by Ron Phillips, a brilliant independent craftsman from Northern California.

Ron Phillips at work
Ron Phillips at work on a ukulele.

I met him in the early ’90s and asked him if he could make a parlor sized resonator with access to the 14th fret. I think he’s close to perfecting the design! They are made of alloy 752 (nickle silver) and he spins the cones from a Secret Alloy (which he didn’t tell me, since I can’t keep a secret). They sound sweet rather than brassy, they have plenty of volume but not too much clang. Visit his website at

Cuter than a basket of kittens-and ten times as loud!
Ron Phillips early parlor sized resonator
The first of three parlor sized single cones
The other instruments I use are a Kamaka 8 string Li’liu ukulele. I used it on “Why Say No? with the Yes Yes Boys and on At The Ukeshack #1 with Matt Weiner. 
If you see me playing an electric guitar, it’s a hollow body Supro run through a 1960s Airline amplifier. Soooo smooth! I borrow it from my friend and fellow guitar nerd Lani Kurnik.

Del Rey with Supro guitar
Coffee break with a good friend-nobody loves you like your guitar!