Do you play house concerts?

I love house concerts.

Music sounds best when it’s close to you. At a house concert, I get to prance around as if I was using thousands of dollars worth of expensive cord-less equipment with personalized in-ear monitors, a whisper-quiet pickup system and a sensitive sound person listening for my every nuance-free!

Some house concerts are long-running very organized events that maintain a mailing list and pay better than a public gig. Others are sponsored by people who live off the beaten path but love acoustic music, so they bring the show to them. Basically all you need to get is about 20 friends and neighbors, a pleasant space and the right musicians and you can be like Madame Verdurin and enjoy the prestige of a musical salon in your own home.

You’d be surprised who will come play at your house if they have the night free and are passing through. Just ask for more details.