Photos and publicity

I been everywhere, boys, I been everywhere…


I’ve played giant stages with video monitors showing my nose five feet high and little house concerts in the outback of Australia- so don’t be chicken to inquire-if I’m going to be in your part of the world I might say yes!

If you are promoting a date with me, here’s the pr stuff you need:

The Blurb:

“Del Rey, who plays a syncopated style of guitar based on prewar blues and barrelhouse piano traditions, is one of the best fingerpickers of this or any generation. “ Ian Zack, Acoustic Guitar

Del Rey also has fashion sense that would make Minnie Pearl smile and her virtuoso fingerpicked resonator guitar and ukulele packs a whole orchestra into just 6 (or 4) strings.

“Whilst known for her amazing instrumental skills … it should not be overlooked that she always provides a very entertaining show, full of variety, drama and humour.”  Blues In Britain

a poster

high resolution pictures of me with:

uke (headshot),

uke (full body)

 guitar (vertical),

 guitar (horizontal) 

 me with Suzy Thompson

with Steve James

with Adam Franklin.

DJs please contact me directly with your showtimes and call letters and I’ll send you some cds.

Hobemian Records Store       All Del Rey’s in-print CDs, DVDs and vinyl, plus albums from Steve James and Arthur Migliazza

Guitar, Ukulele and a unique world-view…